What’s In My Backpack

Some people believe that you can tell a lot about a person by what’s in their purse, suitcase, or even backpack. In case that’s true, so what does this say about me?


My backpack is like my home away from home when I’m on campus. My backpack needs to house all of my academic supplies needed for classes, as well as a portable medicine cabinet, closet, and makeup vanity. If I need pain relievers, I need to have those with me. If I need to put my hair up, I need to have hair ties as well as bobby pins. If I could possibly need pretty much anything while I’m on campus, it should probably be in my backpack. So what is in there?

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Move In Day As Told By Parks & Recreation

Moving back into school is both thrilling and incredibly stressful. In a whirlwind of emotions, it’s hard to process everything that you’re feeling as you’re experiencing it. Move in day (and the time leading up to it) is simultaneously the best and most stressful time imaginable. These are just a few of the feelings and thoughts you might experience during this busy period.

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My August Ipsy Bag

It’s finally here! What was inside my bag?

Signing up for ipsy’s monthly bag full of beauty goodies was something I didn’t even hesitate to think about. It’s incredibly inexpensive and it’s a fun monthly treat in the mail that gives you something to look forward to every single month. I finally got my ipsy bag last week and I only got around to trying the products this week. Find out what was in my August ipsy bag!

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15 Reasons to be Happy

Happiness is so important, here’s a little list of some of my reasons to be happy

I’ve been known to be a little bit on the pessimistic side, if you call a little pessimistic being very dramatically miserable. Partly for the sake of being dramatic, partly because that’s just my natural state of existence. This summer, I’ve been working on being less of a negative nancy and more a positive person. It’s been easier than anticipated simply because as soon as the summer began things took a more positive turn. My internship and job started and I began doing things that make me happy. So, in case I’m ever in need of a reminder or maybe in case you need some things to be happy about, here’s a list of 10 things!

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Back To School Buys

I had almost everything I needed to head back to my apartment- now I have it all!

Living away from home has been an experience that has changed my life for the better / forever. Having an apartment that is fully furnished with all the amenities I need, living with my best friends, and being entirely independent has been a learning experience but one that I enjoy every single day. If you think you need a lot to move into a dorm in college, you can’t even begin to imagine how much you need to get in order to live in an apartment. I had almost everything I needed for the year, except for a few additional items that were (almost) absolute necessities.

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My Sister Dressed Me For A Week & Here’s What Happened

I let my sister dress me for 7 days straight and here’s what happened.

My sister and I have very similar taste in everything: clothes, music, tv shows, books. Overall, we’re almost the same person which is great when we’re getting along, and not so great when we’re not. I trust my sister, more than I trust anyone, which is why I trust her enough to pick out my outfits everyday for a week. Here’s what happened.

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My Nightly Skin-Care Routine

My skincare routine for the evenings

I’m honestly terrible with sticking to any sort of skin care routine. I’ve tried a few things, all of them being very simple, but I still fail to follow through. Seriously, one late night where I don’t take off my makeup and go straight to bed will ruin any streak I had going. I don’t do well with not having a routine, but I also do poorly with a routine set in place. However, now I have so much more to do and I know already I need to get myself into a better sleeping schedule. With that being said, I need have a more structured evening so that I get to bed at a good time and take better care of myself. Here’s my new nightly routine:

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Retail Therapy- My Most Recent Purchases

All of my great new buys – with pictures to prove it

If you know me, you know that I have a serious retail therapy obsession. It’s not even therapeutic for me, it’s more of an adrenaline rush, one that I immediately regret the second I get into a car after the purchase and think “oh no what have I done?” But, I enjoy having new things like anyone would. As of late, I feel like I’ve gotten so many new things, some things I’ve received as a gift from my mother or in preparation to go back to school, other things I’ve bought for myself because I splurged.

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Summer Reading List: Update & Review

An update of my summer reading list!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my Summer Reading List and how I was going to try my best to get through them all before the time I moved back to school. I was challenged by the wonderful girl I’m mentoring this fall also known as my great new friend to finish all those books in two weeks and I hate to say it but I have completely failed that challenge. However, have 16 days left and I am almost done with my list. I wanted to do an update and review the books that I’ve finished so far.

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